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Republicans Lose ANOTHER House Seat : The Republitards Just Don’t Get It

The Republicans lost another house seat by a narrow margin. New York’s 20th District goes to a Democrat after a special election for a vacated seat. 4 years ago this was a Republican stronghold. This is just another sign that the Republican Party is out of touch with mainstream Americans. While the Democrats have been offering solutions, the Republicans have been offering nothing but divisive and hateful commentary. They’re staunch support of corporations and jobs being sent overseas does not ring well with everyday America. With the gap between rich and poor widening, the Republicans are clearly out of step with the working family. They oppose every plan that might help the downtrodden and support every corporate welfare plan that comes down the pike. When you have leaders like Rush Limbaugh and Bill O’Rielly you get what you pay for. You make your bed, you sleep in it.

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Charlotte, NC Voters Bitch Slap Jeff Katz and WBT

It would seem that hate speech, racism and homophobia backfired on the Republican Party this election cycle. Jeff Katz and WBT Hate Radio have spent months in a campaign against Barack Obama. Monday thru Friday from 9:00am-6:00pm there has been a constant stream of hatred and ignorant filth piled upon the airwaves from their 50,000 watt radio station. It would seem that karma has bitten them in the posterior. NONE of the candidates they supported were elected. So who are WBT and Jeff Katz trying to sell their hate to and who are the idiots that are buying advertising from these Nimrods ? Here is how it went down in Charlotte, Mecklenburg County , North Carolina.

President/Vice President
Obama/Biden(D) 61.83% 252,652 votes
Mccain/Palin(R) 37.44% 152,957 votes
Barr/Root(L) 0.46% 1,891 votes
WRITE-IN 0.27% 1,092 votes

US Senate
Kay Hagan(D) 61.59% 248,454 votes
Elizabeth Dole(R) 35.47% 143,059 votes
Christopher Cole(L) 2.89% 11,652 votes
WRITE-IN 0.05% 211 votes

Governor of North Carolina
Bev Perdue(D) 49.04% 198,631 votes
Pat McCrory(R) 48.94% 198,246 votes The 8 time mayor of Charlotte that had a show on WBT
Mike Munger(L) 2.02% 8,184 votes

Clearly WBT does not represent the people of Charlotte as you can see. We deserve better and its an embarrassment to think that when visitors come to the Queen City they might actually hear the filth that Jeff Katz and WBT puts out there and leave thinking that we are some backwater trapped in the 1960’s south. Its a pitiful way for a company to make money and they should be ashamed. Jeff Katz has been fired from other jobs for spreading hate. Why should Charlotte have to suffer his hate ?


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Sarah Palin on Abortion : She Is One

If you could ever pick a nightmare as a running mate for a politically conservative party Sarah Palin would certainly fit the bill. Just days after she wowed Republicans with her moose hunting prowess , pit bulls with lipstick, “golly gees” and “you betchas” there was the first “oh by the way….” .

The first “oh by the way” was that her 17 year old unwed, live-at-home daughter was knocked up. Now that could happen to any family, right ? Well you sure wouldn’t expect it from the holier that thou church goin, non sex educating Governor Palin family. Any what was even weirder was why they waited until after they announced her as McCain’s VP let the loyal masses know. I’m sure they were shocked to say the least. I think starting out with a deception always backfires and people start looking for more.

The next “oh by the way” was the she and her husband were involved in the Alaska Independence Party. This is a which who’s founder hated America to its core and who’s members wish to secede from the United States the same way the South seceded at the start of the Civil War. The claim that she or her husband were no longer involved with them is mute because she gave the address at their 2008 convention.

Probably the funniest “oh by the way” is that we now know why Sarah Palin had to go to 5 different colleges to get a bachelors degree. She is not the sharpest too in the shed. In fact she makes Dan Quayle look like Albert Einstein. Anyone that has ever seen Sarah Palin interviewed will soon find out that she find out that she probably doesn’t qualify as a person you would want as a leader of the free world. In fact she is probably more qualified to work at a convenient store.

The saddest “oh by the way” is her ability to bring out racism and hatred in the crowds of people she address’s. She has chosen the lowest common denominator when it comes to politics. She calls on peoples hate and fear. Its very sad and reminds me of the 1960’s and times I thought were over. I guess racism is still alive an well in the Republican Party.

The newest “oh by the way” is that she abused the power of her oficce as Governor of Alaska by trying to have her ex brother-in-law fired from his job as State Trooper after a nasty divorce form her sister. She ended up firing the police commissioner for not following her instructions to illegally fire him. How sad.

Are people like Sara Palin the best and the brightest that the Republicans have to offer ? Do they even care who the put in a job which I and a bunch of other people deem somewhat sacred ? John McCain has certain shown a great deal of bad judgment by using Sara Palin as a running mate. how could someone like Sarah Palin ever bring America together after some of the terrible things she has said ? So yes I would say that most people and probably John Mccain would agree at this point that Sara Palin’s stance on abortion is that she is one as far as being a VP candidate is concerned.


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Sarah Palin’s Terrorist Ties

If Sarah and Todd Palin are no longer involved with the Alaskan Independence Party then why did Sarah Palin do the opening Statement for their 2008 Convention this year ? The Alaskan Independence Party Founder Joe Vogler is quoted as stating “I’m an Alaskan, not an American. I’ve got no use for America or her damned institutions.” and “The fires of hell are frozen glaciers compared to my hatred for the American government. “One of their goals is to become a separate nation. Their hate for the United States of America is well known. Todd Palin was a “registered” member of the Alaska Independence Party until 2002. This video shows the Palin family still has close ties to this terrorist organization.


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