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How John McCain betrayed his own family

There is a story about John McCain that the media has not covered in the states and it is the story of his first family and how he betrayed them. John McCain was married and had a wife and kids and after they supported him through his captivity and he dumped them. He came home and had been having an affair with Cindy and got a lawyer with no prior knowledge of his wife and served her divorce papers. A month later he married Cindy, the rich beer baron’s daughter 18 years his junior. If a man would betray his own family how could we trust him with our country ? I have given the link below of a good detailed description of how it all went down. I am very surprised that not many people think this is important. I think it is an important way to look into McCain’s character and see what he is really made of. Does anyone else feel the same way I do ?

Link to story of how John McCain betrayed his family

Is he really a man of honor ?

Is he really a man of honor ?


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