Tara Servatius Takes Hate To A New Level At WBT-1110 Radio

Once again Tara Servatius and WBT-1110 Hate Radio have reached a new low. Tara Servatius and the Klan over at WBT are trying to claim that the reason the Republicans lost the mayors race and now lag behind on the city council 8 to 3 is because black people are racists. It couldn’t simply be because the Democrats were much more organized and that the Republicans didn’t turn out. During her shows on Wednesday and Thursday she used the words black and white approximately 50 times. She had the audacity to try and say that ALL of the Black Voters in Charlotte are racists because they didn’t vote for a White Republican. Tara went to a private school and went to an expensive college and got an expensive journalism degree but obviously she didn’t learn much. Maybe its time she get an education about what happens when you spread hate and lies about people you know little about. She is a sad individual and doesn’t represent our fine city. I have been listening to WBT for over 12 years and have never heard a more repulsive racist rampage as I heard in the past 2 days. It is time to rethink a strategy against this type of broadcasting and it is definitely time for WBT-1110 to go. WBT-1110 has worn out its welcome in Charlotte. It is time to move on and stamp out racism once and for all in Charlotte. It will take all of us working together, but it can be done.

Tara Servatius linked to Hate Group : League of the South

Tara Servatius Hating Gay People for Kicks and Ratings on WBT-1110

Tara Servatius Perpertrating Lies About the Mosque that isn’t being built at Ground Zero


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6 responses to “Tara Servatius Takes Hate To A New Level At WBT-1110 Radio

  1. Black Voter

    I also recently heard Tara Servatius express her racist frustration regarding the election victory of Charlotte’s new Mayor – elect, Anthony Foxx.
    In 2009, for anyone to claim that blacks will only vote for politicians who possess the same skin
    color is a person crippled by hate and ignorance.
    Candidates win elections because they out -perform their opponent, and express a vision of leadership that a majority of voters agree with. Obviously Tara is unaware that a majority of white voters in the State of Massachusetts, elected Deval Patrick, a black man, Governor in 2006.

  2. EGW

    Yeah you are absolutely right!

    Blacks didnt vote for Obama because he was Black. They voted for him because they believe his message, they believe in the party line….If you believe that you are truly a fool. Truth is more Blacks, god bless them, registered to vote and actually voted BECAUSE there was a black man running for president. This IS racist.
    Its about time we all woke up and started identifying the truth as it it is. Political correctness is ruining this country.

    • stophate

      Black people make up only 13.4% of the population. Black people didn’t elect Barack Obama. But when you have hate radio like the Tara Servatius show on in our area, you will always show the TRUE face of conservatism. That being that Conservatism has been hijacked extremist hate mongers and big corporations that fill their coffers.

      • tonywritewell

        Stophate you are dead on, brother. I listen to this woman’s show daily and I tell you no lie, within ten minutes, either the words ‘scary’, ‘terrifying’, or ‘frightening’, wouold be heard. In the words of ‘Red’ from The Shawshank Redemption, “it’s a terrible thing living in fear”. The propaganda and half-truths this woman promotes is shameful. And those that follow her believe every word she says without checking the facts. Why would anyone, right or left, want to see the President fail? Don’t they understand that as the President goes so does the country. To imply over and over again that President Obama is trying to ruin this country is a disgrace to the office and every President that presided the man.

  3. Trippq

    Tara Servatius is actually a messenger to the people whom stand up to racists and biased propaganda. It’s not like you would ever comprehend that… Her name in politics started from a “Black Man” whom was running for a house seat. She was his campaign manager and was in charge of all sorts of things like data dealing with demographics.
    It’s truly secure that one cannot exists in this country without being called a racists, if they are a non-minority, or non-socialist biased. If you stand up for something you believe in, within the political sector, you are in turn damning yourself to be discredited. People like “Black Voter” above, is the prime example of this, alongside this author. I do remember that show and know for a fact that she was quoting demographics, not even proposed by her. It’s as if, a ticker went off in someone’s head. Again, This data was obtained from an outside source in local city government, not her. 91% of black voters showed up to vote, 12% white, to be exact. Numbers don’t lie.
    Other than her not being a complete communist, socialist, democrat, her major flaw is that she simply lacks PC (politically correct) filtering. She does stay in the safe zone for the most part but, I have heard her stand up for what she believes, as well.
    I am finding that only people of minority finds Tara Servatius to be racists? How about this; pay attention to her shows and learn something. Understand that partisan views on either side of the spectrum is going to be labeled as extreme, unless you agree with it. For the love of God, get off of this kick of Power where you believe calling someone racists is going to work, forever. Slavery ended how long ago? Get the hell over it and start learning something from people whom study the political spectrum on a daily. I am willing to bet that I am going to be called a racists. Let me tell you something Mr. Black Voter and to the Author; You are offensively racists. Just because you are Black, doesn’t give you a right to point fingers at people and call them anything other than people. Get over your skin color.

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