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The Philip J. Berg that Citizen Wells Doesn’t Want To Blog About

Citizen Wells is happy to post about the spurious lawsuits that Hillary Clinton supporter and Attorney Philip J. Berg has filed against President Obama claiming he is not a US Citizen. But as you know if you visit Wells blog you know you don’t always get the whole story.  Here is a video in Philip J. Berg’s own words about another spurious lawsuit filed by Berg claiming that the 911 attack on the World Trade Center were planned and executed by the Bush Administration. Berg actually filed this suit and of course couldn’t prove anything and of course the case was thrown out. This video is in Philip J. Berg’s own words so there will be no mistake of the nature of Mr. Berg. This is the side of Philip Berg that Citizen Wells doesn’t report because in my opinion would probably severly damage any credibility he needs for people to keep the donations rolling in to his blog. I have also never read anything on Citizen Wells blog about the $10,000 ethics fine and requirement that Berg get ethics training for the way he handled another case in his state. I can’t stand to see people misgided and manipulated by people that call themselves journalists and don’t give you the whole story.


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