Tara Servatius and WBT Choose Hate and Racism as a Business Model in Charlotte , NC

Talk Radio Station WBT in Charlotte, NC and the newest 3-6pm host Tara Servatius seem to be playing to the White Redneck KKK crowd as usual. Tara Servatius has obviously sold her UNC Chapel Hill Journalism Degree and her soul to get a job on the radio at WBT. She seems to be following in the footsteps of her fired predecessor Jeff Katz. The reason I say this is because Tara increasingly spends her radio time spewing hate about the black community and the majority of Charlotteans that voted for President Barack Obama. She also seems to have picked up the poor habit of being rude and hateful to callers that don’t share her narrow view of the world.
Tara Servatius is married and recently had a baby. Now I guess she thinks it makes her morally superior to anyone that has a child out of wedlock. I heard her recent “Baby Daddy” segment where she thought it was newsworthy to explain to young black women that they were basically scum because they have kids and they aren’t married. Another segment made fun of Rev. Martin Luther King Jr. and people that support civil rights. This is blatant hate. WBT should be ashamed to have a person on board would consider this journalism. Perhaps a better segment might of been about the kids that don’t have fathers or mothers because they died because George Bush sent them to Iraq to look for weapons of mass destruction that never existed. Maybe she could do a segment about how people that call themselves Christians support torture and the murder of innocent civilians. Maybe she could do a segment about WBT and how it used to be a powerhouse but is now just a sad joke.
I’ve said this many times before and i’ll say it again: HATE doesn’t sell. The Republican Party is dead in the water as long as they depend on hate mongers and racists that call themselves conservatives to represent the conservative movement. It suits me fine. Maybe its time for the conservative movement to go the way of the Whig Party. Forgotten. A new day has dawned.

Tara Servatius and WBT-1110 Inciting Hate and Spreading Lies About the Muslim Community

Tara Servatius Linked to White Supremacist Hate Group : League of the South



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37 responses to “Tara Servatius and WBT Choose Hate and Racism as a Business Model in Charlotte , NC

  1. Big Daddy

    Amazing… Is is truly amazing. I would like to know why is it that when someone talks about LORD OBAMA that does not agree with his views they are immediately called a RACIST. I tend to belive those that feel race must be brought into the converstation must be racist themselves. At no time have I heard anything Tera has said be because of the man’s color. Had at any point she said he does this or feels this way because he is black then you have full right to call her racist. Simply calling someone racist that belives differently than your LORD and GOD obama is ridiculous.

    Get a life and put a real website together that offers real views not the view of a sheep following its flock.

  2. stophate

    As soon as Tara stops using her show to spread bigotry and racial hatred then I will stop calling her on it. WBT can no longer rely on the KKK and Rednecks to bring in enough ad revenue to make it in Charlotte. They will change or they will continue to go down the toilet. Its 2009, not the 1960’s.

  3. Joseph Raddick

    Not sure what show you are listening to, but it’s not Tara’s. Have you heard the respect she accords callers, esp. those who try to “race bait” her. Why not give exactly what is said instead of “basically”? For example, did she truly single out black unwed mothers? (Careful, I heard the comments.) Why are you so ready to suppress free speech with hate you accuse others of? Interesting you won’t associate your writing with your name.

    • stophate

      Tara’s whole show is based on racism and hatred. She can’t go one show without spewing hate about some minority group. Anybody that gets off on attacking the most vulnerable people in our society is the lowest of the low. I will continue to spread the word about Tara to anyone that will listen. Interesting you don’t use your real name in your Rock Hill post. I don’t believe in suppressing free speech, just getting rid of redneck hate mongers.

      • J. T.

        AGain… I would ask you EXACTLY what was said. What did she say that was racist? Are you just suppressing free speech again?

        I would ask that you look over your own and others hate-filled speech and answer.
        It seems you are doing exactly what you accuse her of doing.

      • stophate

        Suppressing free speech again ?

    • Jeanne M.


  4. Stan Mcurtrick

    She is the definition of a cunt. Plain and simple really. She needs to be *****.

  5. BlindHate

    Tara is a propagandist. She thrives off those who don’t fact check before taking opinion as fact. She does take advantage of her audience by appealing to their less virtuous emotions especially hate. Hate is usually at the bottom of what degrades and diminishes all human life. The quality of each of our lives is elevated when act out of love for each other instead of the lowest common denominator: Hate.

    Her mantra seems alot like Glenn Beck, ALL doom and gloom, with our best days past us. Both prop up their narratives with lies spun off as true. This people is their only strength spinning lies and calling them truth. We must encourage folks on how to recognize truth. The old bullshit detector. It’s what will stop these smear campaigns dead in their tracks. They lie because they get away with it. Stop THEM! I’m not afraid of the Truth. I believe in it! Hold them to the light! Americans, when we start to actually exercise our democratic rights we will put an end to all this silliness. ANd hate will be put back in it’s box, contained.

    • stophate

      I don’t understand how Tara can look at herself in the mirror. It’s sad that her kids will be brought up taught the same type of hate and ignorance that she preaches. She says she has a journalism degree but it is more than obvious that she couldn’t get a real journalism job so now she prostitutes herself at WBT. Tara and the gang of douche-bags over at WBT make their money making fun of black people, poor people, gay people and immigrants. They pretend they are patriots but none have served their country and wouldn’t know patriotism from my ass. A patriot will always stand up for the people and not some corporate board that sent out jobs and the american dream overseas. Tara is just another in the long line of losers that have come through that chair, she is about 1 rating point away from being replaced by a syndicated talker like they do over at 1660 AM in my opinion.

  6. Russell

    If you think Tara is a racist what is Nsenga Burton?

    • stophate

      Let me give you a bit of advise. Put the Kool-Aid down, back away from the Faux Noose and take the tin foil hat off your head. Your question has absolutely nothing to do with my blog. Are you on dope ?

  7. Graham R

    I think it’s very ironic that those of you who have decided that she is so “racist” and “ignorant” can only use words such as “cunt” and “douche-bag” in order to describe her. I, personally, have listened to her for a long time and I have never heard her refer to anyone using the kind of adjectives that you have so aptly employed. Here’s a piece of advice: If you want to be taken seriously, then use actual dates, audio, and quotes taken in context, and then use analysis. Most of all, stop using such distasteful language. It makes you sound like one of the “redneck, KKK crowd” that you have such hatred for.

    I know this may sound dificult and it might take you longer than 20 minutes to put something together, but in the end your writing will be much improved and perhaps, even taken seriously.

    Now, I will let you go tell me to “put down the Kool aid” and call me a “cunt”. If it makes you feel better fine, but as I said, no one takes you seriously, except for others that think like you.

    All the best.

    • stophate

      Well I try to allow people to give their opinion. I may or may not approve of their language but we aren’t controlled by the FCC on blogs yet. I have tried to talk to Tara Servatius. I have tried to e-mail her. She is a hard core gay basher if you listen to her you found out during her latest tirade against bicyclists, if you actually listen to her show. I simply called and asked and then resorted to sending her several e-mails asking her a simple question ? ” Why does it matter to you if someone is gay or not” No answer as of yet.

      I have also acquired pictures of her at a League Of The South event. I have called and e-mailed her to ask about her affiliation with this organization, as of yet , no answers. This organization is a hate group as tracked by the Southern Poverty Law Center on Klan Watch. I hope you may direct some of these questions to Tara Servatius as she seems to seem reluctant to answer my inquiries. Thanks for stopping by.

      Tara Servatius Gay Bashing

      Tara Servatius and League of the South Photos

      • W. Ratika

        Wow… Do you know your vaunted Southern Poverty Law Center has blacklisted many organizations that they are trying to suppress, including religious orders in New Hampshire? They have no credibility with their hate.

        what does it mean to “try to email”? If you are baiting someone, why should they reply? I’m sorry you are gay, but be proud dude!

      • stophate

        The Southern Poverty Law Center has plenty of credibility in Civil Rights and Tracking Hate Groups. I can see why you would despise them.

        “The Southern Poverty Law Center is a nonprofit civil rights organization dedicated to fighting hate and bigotry, and to seeking justice for the most vulnerable members of society.

        Founded by civil rights lawyers Morris Dees and Joseph Levin Jr. in 1971, the SPLC is internationally known for tracking and exposing the activities of hate groups. Our innovative Teaching Tolerance program produces and distributes – free of charge – documentary films, books, lesson plans and other materials that promote tolerance and respect in our nation’s schools. ”

        Southern Poverty Law Center Website

  8. Graham R

    Thank you for the response.

    In fact, I have missed most of the shows since January due to my class schedule at school and the fact that I have been out of the country. However, I have found some other posts referring to the bicyclist “war” and am curious about it. I will try to do my research and will watch your blog for commentary as well.

    Please take care.

  9. John

    Stan, Stophate, and Blindhate, one question…why? Why be verbally dishonorable? Please support your views with facts and not emotionalism. Please understand that American liberals, including President Obama, are being used. If the few “elite” hidden leaders that are trying to destroy America and rebuild a completely different country on this land succeed, they will dispose of homosexuals, liberals, journalists, and many others along with the constutionalists, religous, etc. They did it in China, Germany, Russia, and throughout history. Please understand that you are being used. Stop being controlled by mere people and stand up to defend FREEDOM, and not demonizing others who are standing up for freedom as well. If you want to express hate, understand that you must have the constitution in order to do that.

    • stophate

      Hi John from Mr. Doorman,

      I like your conspiracy theory. People often use them to explain things that they haven’t studied or understand. You said I don’t use any facts to support that Tara Servatius and WBT use hate and racism as a business model yet you use “elitists” , “they”, and “them” to explain you’re ridiculous conspiracy theory which makes absolutely so sense at all.

      Tara has ties to a group called League of the South ( i have the photos to prove it on my blog ). Its a group who’s ultimate goal is to overthrow the United States Goverment and repeal civil rights legislation for black people. WBT knows about this and supports her agenda.

      I also REALLY stood up for freedom by serving my country in the US Army. I am a US Army Combat Vet not a draft dodger like Rush, Gingrich, Dick Cheney and the lot. Have fun in the basement with you’re tin foil hat watching Faux Noose.

      Thanks for stopping by.

      • Kevin

        I agree Tara seems to be focused on blacks, mexicans and muslims…she spent a three hours defending the baptis preacher in Flordia who burned the Quran…another day her focus was that the black teenager from charlotte who was found dead in a baltimore river got more coverage than white people do when they go missing…I’m going to pray for her and send her a list of my cocerns…I advise you to do the same @ Tara Servatius 1533 WALNUT VIEW DR CHARLOTTE NC 28208

  10. Rusty

    I find it interesting -and also troubling- that you mention the KKK almost every time you talk about Tara. Obviously, you have never really dealt with the real Klan, or nazis in general, because as an ex skinhead? I can tell you Tara Servatius is not no, now has ever been a true hate monger. Big daddy and Joseph are right, you are really quick to throw around the term “racist” when it comes to talking about our “glorious messiah”.

    I bet you’re all for the DNC coming to Charlotte too, aren’t you? Yeah, who needs intramural sports for the middle schools, pre school for poor children, or 5000 teachers and employees to teach our kids when we can have the DNC in town?

  11. MagentaNeck

    Can I get a big “git-er-done” to the Tara Servatius show, yee haw.

  12. Terry


  13. Red Harley

    Tara is Charlottes Joan of Arc, spoke the truth and is a true patriot to America.
    Spineless white cowards of Charlotte your day will come soon.
    To think what happened was a good thing is to admit how brain washed you really are.
    If this had been a woman of any other race there would be hell to pay but coming from a proud educated white woman who has the courage to say what you see and know as truth you lay down and whine. Reguardless of who or what freedom of speach should be protected by all like it or not. You have lost your schools, communities, city and country because of your pacifist pussy politically correct ways. You deserve nothing and your children will carry the cancer of your ways.
    Fuck you and your neg. Tara comments!

    • stophate

      Spewing hate about minorities, mexicans, gays, unwed mothers, immigrants, etc from a locked studio with security doesn’t make you a patriot. She is just an angry sad person that got what she deserved.

      I served my country when it called. I am a US Army combat vet. What did you do to call yourself a patriot besides defend an angry, hateful person ?

  14. Vince

    It seems to me that when someone starts a racism arguement with the terms, “White redneck KKK”, they themselves are guilty of the offense that they accuse. I am a white, middle aged, southern male and find this terminology very offensive. You “educated” types love to talk as if we, southerners, are just a bunch of toothless, ignorant inbreeders and I find that to be a form of bigotry. After all, isn’t bigotry when you belittle someone because they are different than you. Tara did her job. She said things that rattled your cage. She had facts to back what she said up. She me where she lied. Show me when she was wrong. I’ll gladly listen. But you won’t. You, like all liberals, will just call us racists because we will not toe the liberal line. I believe, and can present fact after fact to prove my point, although facts are something that a liberal doesn’t understand or even want to hear, that I, as a white male, in this society, am the most discriminated against in this country. Don’t believe me? I knew you wouldn’t. My son, who is also white by the way, has consistantly made great grades all through school. Graduated eleventh in his class. He just finished two years of community college with a 3.94 GPA and now has been accepted at a universtity. My wife and I have paid for everything. He/we were told flat out, “if he was in the minority status, all of this would be paid for” Goddamn it, THAT’S RACISM YOU STUPID BITCH! NOT DISAGREEING WITH A BLACK MANS POLICIES THAT HAVE FAILED MISERABLY.

    • stophate

      I am sorry you are offended by what you are. I am born and raised in the south. I think hatred a racism is wrong. If you don’t understand why some minorities get help then you haven’t been paying attention in history class or just don’t want too.

  15. William

    Well WBT, you have now lost two Great Members of your Talk Show, Tara Servatius and Jeff Katz!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!…..I’m thru with listening to your shows anymore, since you apparently have bowed down to the liberal-hating left wing assholes in Charlotte…………………………………..Goodbye

    • stophate

      LOL, I am not WBT. Jeff Katz and Tara Servatius were FIRED because they couldn’t bring in the revenue needed to support their racist and hateful views. They managed to alienate most WBT listeners. Black people, the poor, immigrants, mexicans, middle easterners, muslims, gay people, cyclists, single mothers etc, etc, etc. Sorry to break it to you, but hate just doesn’t sell as well as it used to. it’s 2011 not 1961.

    • stophate

      LOL, I am not WBT. Jeff Katz and Tara Servatius were FIRED because they couldn’t bring in the revenue needed to support their racist and hateful views. They managed to alienate most WBT listeners. Black people, the poor, immigrants, mexicans, middle easterners, muslims, gay people, cyclists, single mothers etc, etc, etc. Sorry to break it to you, but hate just doesn’t sell as well as it used to. it’s 2011 not 1961.

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