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WBT 1110 Hate Radio Charlotte NC , Racist Radio At Its Finest

It seems that not much has changed over at WBT since they fired Hate Radio Host Jeff Katz. While listening to the 3-6 pm show on Friday the main topics were some type of strange racist conspiracy theory that Barack Obama wasn’t a US Citizen because his step father adopted him and took away his US Citizenship and that he was really a Muslin ( really scary lol ) and therefore he could not be the President. This was based on a case that has been thrown out of every court in the country and now WBT is treating it like something with traction because the final appeal is to the US Supreme Court. WBT is pandering to racist rednecks as usual. Its already known the Supreme Court is not going to do anything that would upset a presidential election especially since Obama has already been vetted in all 50 states. This is simply another dangerous way that WBT causes racial hated in our community.
Another racial topic of the day was the OJ Simpson conviction. WBT used this as an opportunity to bring up all the racial hatred from the original OJ Simpson acquittal. The host spoke for over an hour and talked with glee about how OJ finally got what was coming to him and how he was really guilty all along. And how members of the black community let him off and made a joke out of the justice system. Several callers even called and said that this trail had nothing to do with the other trial but were treated rudely and not given their say. This was clearly another way of being racially divisive and causing racial turmoil in our community. The host was clearly trying to connect with racists and trying to stir up feelings of hate against African Americans and should be ashamed.
Its sad that WBT has to make money trying to sell lies and hate to its community. Kharma is a bitch.

Info on the Barack Obama Birth Certificate


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