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Jeff Katz Fired From WBT ” But It Was Based On Business Reasons ”

Ultra-Right Wing Radio Host Jeff Katz was fired from Charlotte, NC radio station WBT-1110 AM this week. WBT Vice President and General Manager Rick Jackson and Program Director Bill White spent 3 hours on the air during the 3 -6 PM old Jeff Katz time slot Tuesday, December 2, 2008 taking calls from listeners. I would have to say it was admirable to see a couple of managers willing to stand up for a decision by taking on criticism in such a public format. It was pretty funny because Bill White was playing producer and running the board and fumbled around and made some mistakes, which made it fun to listen too. Some callers were not happy with the decision that Jeff was fired and said they would no longer listen to the station. But I would have to say they were in the minority. Most people that called were happy that Jeff was being replaced.
Bottom line is not about pressure from about any group. Its not about the hate that Jeff spewed about Muslims, African Americans, Immigrants, or the Poor. WBT is a big business. The Jeff Katz Show is number 5 in the stations target demographic. Jeff wasn’t what WBT was looking for, and wasn’t bringing in the right numbers because if he did, he would still be on the air. Personally, I don’t care why he is gone, I am just glad he is. Hate has no place in Charlotte.

Link to the WBT Press Release About the Firing

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