Citizen Wells, African Press International API and Philip Berg twisted in a web of hate and lies about Barack Obama

Citizen Wells, whoever that is, has been one of the main forces helping spread the African Press International lies about the alleged phone call between Michele Obama and African Press International. The phone call that has since been proven to be a hoax and hateful lie. Citizen Wells, maybe a citizen of the United States, or maybe a citizen of Syria, or some other country, who knows, has also been spreading the story of the lawsuit brought by a crackpot named Phil Berg Esquire that has no cause and has been hence thrown out of US Court post haste. The first article by Citizen Wells supporting these people on October 15th. Who are these people actually ? Are they connected to any hate or terrorist organizations ? What are their actual motives ?


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Filed under domestic terror, Election 2008, Hate, Hate Crimes, Hate Speech

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