API – African Press International Obama FOX Tape Fraud Exposed

API or African Press International has made false claims that they have a tape of Michelle Obama making some kind of incriminating statements about Barack Obama. From the day they said they had this tape they have been star of the conspiracy theory blogosphere. Problem is, the tape doesn’t exist and they have made up a different excuse on almost a daily basis on why they will release the tape the next day. Sad enough, there are people dumb enough to believe them.

Story Follows By: Jim Dent

Michelle Obama is alleged to have placed this damaging phone call to a news agency called API, “African Press International.” Okay, let’s check them out.

Well, that’s odd. A self-described “international” media organization – using a WordPress blog site?

That’s odd. They’re based in Norway. No African, other European, or African bureaus. Their site promises that at some unspecified future date they “will have will have five branch offices spread as follows: East, Central, West, Southern Africa and one in the United Kingdom.”

Their home page features a hideously amateurish series of photos of “African” looking people, with the caption “Our News Team”. No-one is identified. None of the click-through ID links work. Readers are invited to register to become “Corresspondents” (sic).

No editorial board is named. Only one actual name is cited: their “”CHIEF EDITOR KORIR”, who ” IS A MEMBER OF INVESTIGATIVE REPORTERS AND EDITORS INTERNATIONAL.”

A review of their archives reviews a curious, patched together assortment of press clippings and releases on various topics. However, their top and ongoing American news story is anti-Obama coverage that essentially reproduces, uncritically,most of the major smears promulgated over the last year.

The “African Press International” is owned by “The Rainbow Foundation”, to which they provide a link – which turns out to be a website created last week, on another WordPress blog spot. The “Foundation” lists a number of objectives that oddly have nothing to do with Obama or US politics. They also list a number of “projects” being run by the Rainbow foundation: however, it turns out there AREN’T any actual project. What there is a list of countries where they say they’re GOING to run projects at some unspecified future date – but NO projects.

Now, there IS another “Rainbow Foundation” – NOT the one that “owns” African Press International, but an authentic charity. And THEIR website has an urgent note up warning folks of a fraudulent “Rainbow Foundation”, soliciting funds and making claims using their name.

So we have allegations being made by “news agency” on a blogsite, owned by a “Foundation” that claims to have been in operation since 1995, but whose website was only set up last week – a foundation WITHOUT ANY PROJECTS except a website that smears Obama, and apparently appropriating the name of a real children’s charity. In short, an obvious fraud run by lying, anti-Obama scumbags.

Gosh. That’s a pretty compelling source. It’s certainly easy to see why a First-Lady-In-Waiting would break campaign strategy to call and harass a fraudulent blogsite masquerading as a news agency run by a fake foundation.



Its fairly simple for people that aren’t sitting in a basement with tin foil on their heads to protect them from the government mind control. API is a SCAM and has no tape of Michelle Obama to release. And you can bank on that Missy lol



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6 responses to “API – African Press International Obama FOX Tape Fraud Exposed

  1. threadtrend

    I’ve been following this API thing because I think it is absolutely hilarious. I wonder if its the work of that crazy Berg guy whose lawsuit against Barack Obama (Berg alleges he’s not a natural born citizen, he forged his birth certificate, he was adopted by his Indonesian stepfather, his real middle name is Muhammed, etc. etc.)just got dismissed yesterday for being without merit.

    It could also be some Lib who wants to make fools out of the crazy people who fill those threads with wacky, desperate comments.

    Either way, it’s insane, and everyday I look forward to seeing their latest excuse as to why they can’t release “the tapes.”

    Crazy and classic. Good post.

  2. Marquis de Chocula

    If you “view image” the correspondent pictures the file names have the names of the people in them. Then you can goolge their names and read the hilariously weird and angry open letters and such that they write for this blog, er journimalism website. So they’re real people, I guess, but they’re basically the sort of cranks who would be writing for a crazy website like Town Hall or NRO, except, y’know, African, with somewhat idiosyncratic African English syntax.

  3. army101stvietnam

    Good catch. You may be interested in what Mountain Sage blog has on Korir & API, here on wordpress. The dude is bad news. The investigation is still ongoing. Stay tuned! 😀

  4. rico

    I believe it is a fraud becuse they keep on pushing back the tape?

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