The Truth About Barack Obama’s Birth Certificate

Smears claiming Barack Obama doesn’t have a birth certificate aren’t actually about that piece of paper — they’re about manipulating people into thinking Barack is not an American citizen.

The truth is, Barack Obama was born in the state of Hawaii in 1961, a native citizen of the United States of America.

Next time someone talks about Barack’s birth certificate, make sure they see these pages.




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15 responses to “The Truth About Barack Obama’s Birth Certificate

  1. Anne

    This is not a “original birth certificate”, this is a “birth certification” which has been altered. A few individuals from examined this certification and said it was genuine. However, FactCheck is owned by the Annenberg Foundation, and Barrack Obama was chairman of the Annenberg Challenge Foundation for many years. This would be similar to me winning the lottery and asking my friends to verify the ticket rather than submit it to the lottery officials. Mr. Obama has hired attorneys at great expense to delay the now 4 court suits because he does not have documentation showing that he is a citizen of the US. The “media” is not covering this issue because despotism has sent in to America…a very sad state of affairs for the land of brave and the land of the free.

    • well who did obama hire to cover up his birth in other countries , id like to hide from bill collectors and x wife can i do the same thing hire somone to hide me from prying eyes m, nope not in america ya can’t hide form anything , death and taxes will catch up , why no grades did obama even go to school ? he hid his grades due to fact he only went to say he went he did nothing on his own he was given his payh to the whit house and its a shame to have a shitskin , try and rule over a country where he is thought of as a slave to big banks , big corperations and the well the rest we live every day , nothing more needs to be said here now lets make our voice count by voting this fall in an election as corupt as the government its self to many lies and cover ups, the people will not stand for much more, if things don’t pick up soon in america for americans,,,. then america will shove down the throats of the fools who rule us now the cost of lieing to us all, oust obama , before he goes off the deep end and opresses the american people who he hates to begin with socialist asshole agenda promiss this and that , and when time comes to deliver say oh well things like shitskins happen get him out of office by impeachment we are not being supported , we are out of our homes and our jobs , do we let this continue ,? hell no obama has his pay check and his home , then where is ours we put him there we can, TAKE HIM OUT 1 way or another that works sure as hell and final as a beer summit at the whithouse dtupid drunken shitskin N word in white house , when will it be painted bright colors the shitskins like ? i say paint it red with his own blood

    • jack

      the hawaiian department of health said the certification of live birth counts as a birth certificate. or was barack obama chairman of hawaii too?

  2. stophate

    Anne is probably sitting in a basement somewhere with tin foil on her head to protect her from the government mind control. And if you would like to check out the Annenburg site she is speaking of it is:

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  5. Anne, You must not be from this country, Its the land of the free and the home of the brave. Please go back to Iraq.

  6. fuck obama there are more important issues he can’t deal with hasn’t the know how


    You guys slam anne, shes the one with the facts! The actual birth certificate can not be found. This is coming from the governor of Hawaii. The Governor made it his mission to find this to squash all the rumors. Well not even he can find it……

  8. Raggy

    How di Obma travel back in im and change the daes on this? he would have had to unless the islamic community had such great insight to do this 40 some odd yeas in the past.You Birthers are the most ignorant of Amrcans I have eer wittnessed. You hvae no logic an dont wan to know the acts. The fact is thwe Federal Govt sends people to comsider facts and if Obama was not a citizen as you claim then he would never have been allowed to run for president. Get over this non issue and your life might change for the better.

  9. African Press International


  10. African Press International

    Good work

  11. bubbab

    Why are people so stupid? It’s not about his birth certificate! It doesn’t matter where he was BORN! It’s about the constitutional requirement to president! See this if you want the truth!

  12. Dan

    That’s funny how the birth certificate that just came out today looks different than the one your showing here. Fucking liars! Vote For Trump!

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