How John McCain betrayed his own family

There is a story about John McCain that the media has not covered in the states and it is the story of his first family and how he betrayed them. John McCain was married and had a wife and kids and after they supported him through his captivity and he dumped them. He came home and had been having an affair with Cindy and got a lawyer with no prior knowledge of his wife and served her divorce papers. A month later he married Cindy, the rich beer baron’s daughter 18 years his junior. If a man would betray his own family how could we trust him with our country ? I have given the link below of a good detailed description of how it all went down. I am very surprised that not many people think this is important. I think it is an important way to look into McCain’s character and see what he is really made of. Does anyone else feel the same way I do ?

Link to story of how John McCain betrayed his family

Is he really a man of honor ?

Is he really a man of honor ?



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20 responses to “How John McCain betrayed his own family

  1. Stophate – I concur. If McCain has no problem betraying his first wife Carol and his children with her, what would he do to the American people.

    McCain is 72. If he wins and screws up the country WORST he has nothing to lose. He won’t run for officed again so he doesn’t have to stick to his word.

    On the other hand, Obama has his future ahead of him and has lots to lose if he screws up America. And especially because he’s a black man he’s going to work 10 times harder to prove that he can do the job.

    Obama has my vote — he will work much harder for America.

    Country First!

    Obama/Biden 08!!!

  2. Your viewpoint only enhances my own. I think how he treated his first wife was disgusting. It only enhances my viewpoint of his lobbyist ties. McCain has no morals and that exactly how he would run the government.

  3. Yooch

    Maybe McCain’s new slogan should be Country and Penis First. I can’t believe he left his wife that way he did. Just classless. I like what Chris Rock said on Larry King. “I’m gonna vote for the guy with one house”.

  4. burningbabylon

    Elites have always seen betrayal as a noble endeavor. They teach it to their children with the hope of instilling in them the urge to dominate. The fact remains however, that McCain or Obama will run nothing. They are actors reading from scripts.

  5. Character and integrity are what we’ve been missing in the White House for the last 8 years. McCain is of the seme ilk. Obama-Biden in 2008. Democrat Dave

  6. endithinks

    I don’t buy the conspiracy theory of the President having no decision making abilities. If we start down that path we might as well give up on the Democratic process.

    Secondly with McCain the fact that he cheated on his wife (an offense that almost lost Clinton the presidency even though I was glad he got impeached for the crime of perjury) is such an insult to the republican brand of family values.

    McCain came home and saw his wife wrecked by an accident and what does he do? Cheats on her for nearly four years before he finds Cindy another beauty queen and starts cheating with her.

    McCain only cares about his own needs and ambition. Read his book and he even admits that he ran for president in 2000 not out of duty to his country but to satisfy his ego and overtake his father and grandfather (who were admirals).

  7. Carolyn

    When we look for flawless leaders…none will be found. Perfection and righteousness will be found in neither the Republican nor the Democrat Parties. Both are populated by people…some good/wise…some bad/ ignorant. As someone once said, “whose image is on the coin?” Righteousness is suppose to be exemplified by those who believe in its existence-the Church. Sadly, the example of right living is seen too little. My faith knows that right will ultimately prevail…and meantime…I am too busy getting the ‘log’ out of my own eye’ to judge another, Republican or Democrat. Political rhetoric blinds people to the truth. People see what they want to see. The party who claims “family values” does not want to talk about abandonment. Oh well….I don’t look for wisdom from government leaders anymore…because they are ‘just’ people…some smarter than others but none are people I have met or likely will meet… I can’t know what’s right or wrong about them. I am a Democrat because of many issues. I believe abortion and homosexuality are wrong but we each have been given a free will by our Creator. I live life looking through my narrow perspective window which is turned inward. I seek righteousness. But so far I have found love, compassion, generosity, forgiveness, and servitude.

  8. I vote on the issues, not on what a candidate does with his or her personal life. McCain and the Republican party, are wrong on the issues for me. The rest is not relevant.

  9. jostheun

    Everything is relevant when it comes to electing a President, your character as a person, is the character you truly are. We vote on the person with character and integrity, not just if the go the way of republican or democrat.

  10. newsmastermind

    I believe you too, that’s why I have called on America to stop this slip into the uuknown. We don’t know Obama and now this damning article about this pretencious patriot. Pls call Hillary out of her obsession to party loyalty. She is the President America need now. I maybe the voice of one crying in the wilderness, but you will soon discover that I am a seer.
    you may join my discussion obama: a media hype

  11. austin4hillary

    If this is true, why hasn’t this been in the media. Not EVEN NBC has said this!

  12. stophate

    I heard there were kids from the first marriage, I checked it out and sure enough I found out it was true. And there is plenty about it if you look. Try google for starters. And Rush Limbaugh is going to get upset with you if he finds out you are watching NBC. lol

  13. Can you imagine what the GOP would do with this if the roles were reversed?

  14. austin4hillary

    Let me say I am only watching NBC to prove the theory Obama is getting a boost from the media. NBC is one of the most bias organizations. I’ll be honest I dont like Mccain. He is to much of Bush and is barely conservative. However, we DO NOT NEED AN INEXPERINCED PRESIDENT! Bush had little experience. Thats the problem that led to his failed policies. On Iraq, Obama’s plan is to withdrawl one to two brigades a month it may be done in sixteen months. He said this back in the primaries. That cant be carried out because what if things worsen there. His promise wont be kept. You should this issue about Mccain out. People dont want to hear about Mccain’s life. If they did care Obama would not be the nommonie because of his “drug problm.” Now that is bad judgement.

  15. austin4hillary

    My point is that if we need to know about Mccain’s negitive history, Obama’s should be known as well. Another thing, I know Fox news is bias, but they don’t deny it when confronted. I am not the only one that says this. Look at other comments on my blog!

  16. endithinks

    Um.. have you been watching the news for the last 18 months? Obama has been through the ringer! Everything from his pastor, to his childhood friends, to his neighbors that lived in his town when he was 8 and then turning around 15 years later and blowing up a building has been stretched and prodded and thrust into the public eye.

    Every type of lie under the sun has been thrust upon him and he is still standing. Obama had the same type of negative treatment from the media as McCain is finally starting to have now. Please do a bit of reading before you start getting holier than though. And for goodness sake Fox Noise is not even news; it’s entertainment.

    Watch CSPAN if you want absolutely no bias. Read your news please. Watching TV for news is the unthinking man’s route.

  17. austin4hillary

    Yes endthinks,
    Obama is getting the media advantage. No one should get that advantage. And since when is Obama’s pastor problem “a lie under the sun.”

  18. endithinks

    The “pastor problem” was inflamed for reasons that were ridiculous. People who have never been to a black church were shocked that people were moving around and that the pastor was talking politics. What Wright said was actually true…we can’t be a bully and not expect that hate to come back to us. That is why I’m an Obama supporter because he will use diplomacy and not use force.

    The Primary season was a knock out drag out fight. Obama has proven himself and to be honest the skeletons in his closet have been thoroughly examined.

    Are you voting for mccain Austin? If you are then you really did not believe anything that HIllary stood for.

  19. austin4hillary

    YesI agrre. However you cant talk about Mccains past and shine light on Obama. The media is not giving fair coerage. If we deserve to know the truth about Mccain then we do about Obama. The media is barely doing a good job at that! That is my point equal grounds! I am not saying Mccain’s great! What I am saying is that I believe Obama would have more faults when the media is fair. I saw this happen after Hillary won PA. The media became not so bias and Obama went down hill!

  20. TheThinkingMan

    I truly dislike this whole “Media Bias” that everyone keeps talking about. Yes, maybe people in the Media prefer Obama over Mccain. To be honest, I do not blame them. But, to say it is “unfair” that the media is treating Obama better is ridiculous. The media reports what it finds as important, and most of it is actually entertainment.
    You don’t HAVE to get your news from CNN, NBC, or Faux News. There are MANY other Press outlets from which you can receive your news which have little or NO bias.
    However, I did suggest this to a Republican friend of mine and he said that every news source he has read is favoring Obama over Mccain and covering him more. If you also find this to be true, ask yourself these questions: Is it because Obama actually has more substance to talk about and (gasp) maybe the better ideas? Is it because I am so biased that I cannot look past my own selfish, ignorant views to see the truth? Or is it a worldwide conspiracy to trick the world into supporting an Antichrist figure and we’re all going to go to hell for voting for Obama?

    Use some logic, people.

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